Always be on top ofcustomer conversations

Get comprehensive and accurate notes on each customer call in Slack, CRM and email to help you stay on top of customer requirements and renewal conversations. 

If you have a Call Recorder
like Gong/Chorus
High performing sales team uses Sybill
93% of human communication is non-verbal
Today’s tools start and stop at transcription. Tools like Gong and Chorus don't recognize non-verbal cues at all, missing these cues during sales calls leads to a fractured understanding of your prospect’s needs, leading to lost revenue.

Focus on the conversation, let Sybill take notes for you

Get accurate customer success call summaries automatically generated by Sybill's AI and pushed to Slack/CRM. Stay on top of feature requests, renewal and expansion needs and risks while saving hours every week.

Get impeccable handoff notes from sales

Get a comprehensive picture of a deal as soon as it passes from sales to CS with Sybill’s deal summaries pushed to the CRM. Know them and make their transition from prospect to customer a seamless experience.

Make sure you don’t forget a thing

Get an AI-generated follow-up email after every conversation to help you execute on your action items and follow-up with your customers’ needs in mind.

Understand churn risk with behavior insights

Get insights on what got your customers hooked, what turned them off, and moments of excitement and rapport building. Identify upsell opportunities and churn risks with behavior insights.