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October 2, 2023
Nishit Asnani
Get a front seat in the fascinating world of sensory marketing and learn the significant role your customer's five senses play in shaping sales strategies.

"Come and lend me your ears, and while you are at it, your eyes, nose, taste buds and hands, too." No creepy mad scientist, just your friendly neighborhood marketer!

We're stepping away from the mundane today. Unleashing your five senses into the corporate jungle may not be your usual Monday cup of joe, but hear me out! Welcome to the alluring world of Sensory Marketing.

In the dark? Well, let's light the way. Sensory marketing, in essence, is that elusive sorcery that convinces you to select a pair of red shoes over the black ones, without even a conscious thought. How you ask? That’s what we’ll cover.

Experiencing the Five Senses in Sales

As sales reps, we're all acquainted with the spotlight-stealing power of 'sight.' From snazzy PowerPoint presentations, aesthetically pleasing UI of our AI-assistant, to mean, clean email layouts, it's the first sense we tap into. But the other senses? They've mostly been the wallflowers. Not anymore!

Touch – Ever wondered why you prefer the more expensive laptop when the specs hardly differ? You can thank your sense of touch, my Dr. Feel-everything, for its premium edge and comfort.

Taste – Perhaps one of the toughest senses to tackle. But then, HelloFresh popped up, and woosh, they’ve got us salivating over meal kits!

Smell – And for my scent-storytellers, we’re reminded of those subway sandwich shop visits, that irresistible aroma pulling you in? That’s sensory marketing, folks!

Sound – Last, but never least, our eardrums play a symphony in customer retention. From the audio feedback of our apps to that little assurance ping our AI-coach makes, sound creates a brand identity.

So, let’s swipe back our inclusion rose-colored glasses and see the sales realm lighted up in colours we haven't noticed before. Up next? Lock your eyes in place for some remarkable real-world examples of sensory marketing in action.

Real-life Examples of Sensory Marketing in Action

"Come on, we need real proof," you say. Sure, my skeptics! Rome wasn’t built on hypotheticals, and nor is our sales strategy. It’s time to delve into the world of sensory superstars. Let’s go!

Example 1 – Not a Peep: Remember the infamous mystery-flavored Oreos? Ah, the delectable taste of the unknown! What was the flavor? Only your taste buds could decide. It left folks guessing, engaging, and, most importantly, buying more than usual!

Example 2 – No Press-button Needed: Who can deny the welcoming rustle of a new Amazon package? The feeling of cracking open the box, the comforting scent of fresh prints, and the crisp sound when you unseal it – don't tell me your feel-giddy sensors don't light up like a Christmas tree!

Jokes aside, these stories emphasize that sensory engagement is not just smart marketing—it's a literal smorgasbord for success.

Triple Your Customer Engagement with Sensory Marketing

Are your ears, eyes and, well, fingers (because technically you’re scrolling), itching for the how-to now? Worry not, we’re rolling with the actionable tips next.

1. Become a Visual Maestro: Strive for an aesthetic appeal in your designs, images, emails—everything. Want to exude luxury? Play with darker, richer colors. Wish to resonate safety? You can never go wrong with cool blue and whites. It's not just about pretty pictures, guys; it's about a visual symphony.

2. Touch their Hearts: This might sound a bit off, but textures make a difference. Just as Apple products feel different from their competition, your product or physical advertising materials should too.

3. Hit the Right Note: Remember, audio feedback is crucial. If possible, create a unique sound or jingle that will stick in your customer's memory. Brush off those hidden bathroom singer skills!

4. Appeal to their Palate: If your product is edible, flavor trumps everything. If not, their favorite coffee or snack during a presentation goes a long way.

5. Smell Success: You'd be surprised how much smell drives purchasing decisions. If you can, associate your brand with a pleasing scent. No, I’m not saying to build perfumes, but hey, ‘Eau de Sales Success’ sounds pretty cool, right?

So, now we've got our sensory game sorted, right? Well, just before you leave the traditional marketing hullabaloo and dive straight into sensory heaven, caution is warranted.

Let's Get Tactical – Implementing Sensory Techniques

It’s showtime! You know what they say, right? "Knowing is not enough; we must apply."

1. Hold a Creative Brainstorm: Gather your sales and marketing team. Set out the customer journey map. And throw in a bag of popcorn for fun. Now identify where and how you can potentially tie in the different sensory experiences throughout the path.

2. Leverage Technology: From AR/VR to using haptic feedback in your apps, technology can help you deliver sensory experiences even in the virtual world. No, we're not talking about an 'Inception' level of an idea, but using tech to give that competitive edge is the smart way!

3. Don’t Ignore Testing: Test your sensory prompts before introducing them to your wider audience. We don’t want your soothing bird chirp turning into a Wednesday morning traffic honk for your customer.

Now, before we start creating mood boards, jingles, and personalized scents, there's one more thing we need to consider. Godzilla was not created with ill intentions, but look how that turned out! Some warning signs are coming up in the next section.

Some No-Touch Areas in Sensory Marketing

Look, as much as I love sensory marketing, it's crucial to keep in mind that like any powerful tool, it can backfire if used thoughtlessly. And you don't want to be that brand creating blunders.

1. Overload Alert: Too many sensory triggers can 'sense-bomb' the customer, leading to confusion or even irritation. Trust me, you don’t wanna be that toddler smearing colors all over at your first art class.

2. Consistency is Key: Your sensory prompts should match your brand image and message. If there’s a mismatch, well, it’s gonna be as odd as wearing a tux to a beach party. Just doesn't work.

3. Know your Boundaries: Understand the line between engaging and invasive. An unexpected sound or tactile feedback while using an app could be annoying rather than exciting. Did you just jump hearing that message ping in a quiet room? Yeah, me too!

4. Global Gaffes: Consider your global audience and cultural nuances. What's music to your ears could be a screech to someone in a different part of the world.

Keep these roadblocks in mind, and you'll be the Sensory Superhero your brand needs. And since we're tech-savvy intellectuals, let's high-dive into the tech side of sensory marketing.

The Tech Side of Sensory Marketing

You didn't think I'd leave you tech-savvy charmers behind, did ya? As much as sensory marketing seems a touchy-feely concept, our trusty tech is here to blend in the magic!

1. Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR): These technologies can be sensory powerhouses! From tailored VR product experiences to Snapchat filters for unique brand interactions, don a pair of those bulky goggles and let the charm roll!

2. AI and Machine Learning: They can predict customer preferences to deliver personalized experiences, like Netflix’s suggestions based on your watch history. Remember when AI suggested you 'Friends' after 'How I Met Your Mother'? Now that's what we call smart!

3. Haptic Feedback: A vibrating phone when you receive a message or the click you feel when taking a picture, haptic tech can elevate user interactions to the next level. Fancy a quick buzz when you seal a deal on Sybill?

Therefore, tech isn't just the cherry on top. It's the cake, baker, and the cake shop! Without it, sensory marketing would just be... well, a whimper.

Sensory Marketing: Your Sales Force Awakens

Phew, you've made it—well-trained, equipped, and ready to release the force of sensory marketing into your own galaxy. But, trust me, the path is not as cryptic as Yoda’s advice. It's about finessing your way through the noise the market creates and the melodies you want to play.

Not only will you amp up your customer engagement, but you will also create a memorable customer experience. And what's love, if not fond memories?

So, smell that success, taste that achievement, hear the applause, feel the victory, and see yourself transform into a sensory superstar!

And always remember, in the wise words of Ferris Bueller, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Don’t let your customers miss out on what you have to offer. Accept the rainbow of sensory marketing and paint a masterpiece!

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